About Vantage Magazine

Vantage Editorial

Riley Kearl @smiley.sk
Digital marketing expert, photographer, filmmaker and magazine publisher. His love for art drove him to start Vantage Magazine along with co-founder Jermaine Ilao. Now an official non-profit, the magazine has a goal of showcasing 20 new artists and 300+ unique pieces of art in print format in 2019. Get involved while it's hot!
Edward Campbell @ecstudio_inc
Eddie is a graphic designer who values good intention as a means to effectively evoke the best results, bridging the gap between human interaction and the visual world. In charge of the design for this entire magazine issue as well as many other fantastic works, his work never ceases to amaze. Find him at www.edwardcampbell.studio

Vantage Photography

Ralph Gonzales @rvlph.g
A freelance photographer and filmmaker, who uses his powerful storytelling to produce captivating visuals and compelling narratives. His credits for this issue include Ben, Luke, and Dalia.
Lionel Migrino @lmigrino
A photographer, who loves exploring the mountains and sunsets on the beach. His goal is to show people not to let obstacles stop you from adventures & chasing dreams.
Floyd Gonzales @the_floyd_g
A lifestyle, fashion, and commercial photographer. With a background in science, he likes to mix all things technical through creative outlets. Credits from Floyd in this issue include Luke and Dalia.
Jay Salimbacod @jay_avilla
Jay is a passionate photographer who values togetherness and genuine human interaction. He loves seeing the art that collaboration can create. Credits include Laura from the Knot Garden YYC.
Arlene Hufalar @arlenehufalar
A passionate artist and storyteller that expresses her perspectives through thought provoking photography and captivating paintings. Credits include artist interviews & photos from TFB Leather.
Rich Belle Banasen @neoaawms
A photographer and filmmaker who tells compelling stories through visual arts. She is interested in capturing the human experience in a wide variety of subjects.

Vantage Team

Portia Yip:
Portia is a content creator, Copywriter, abstract artist, as well as a jewelry designer. She strives to help others express their stories. Follow @migrantmusedesigns on Instagram.
Drew Riley:
An accomplished app developer for a major hospitality provider. With a passion for philanthropy & #SupportLocal. He’s behind YYCBeer.ca and YYCBurgerbattle.com
Kaitlyn Ho:
A budding fashion enthusiast who is passionate about the intersections of society, sustainability, and avant-garde art forms. Katy is a model, creative director, and writer.
Jose De Guzman:
Jose is an outgoing entrepreneur, who leads Vantage’s social media. He works for three non-profits and recently visited Spain, France, & Portugal. Instagram: @boomditty
Douglas Fairley:
Previously a career Air Force Officer, attaining high level strategic and leadership positions. Now focused on the art world, particularly exhibiting & entrepreneurship.
Jacqueline Fairley:
Scottish self taught expressionist artist creating simple yet complex work. A sculptor of paint showcasing texture and movement in her pieces. Simplexity by design! @jacquelinefairley
Liam Goguen:
Liam is a data nerd and financial modeler by day, sushi monster, basketballer and video game junkie by night. He is our sponsorship lead and Treasurer.
Heidi Stobert:
Heidi is our Vantage Whip! She is a freelance communications specialist, a volunteer Girl Guide Leader who is a passionate Calgary Flames fan and Big Mac lover.
Brandon Barcena:
Brandon is a photographer, that loves shooting portraits as he values the individuals it has allowed him to meet. As well as the relationships he has been able to nurture.
Dustin Morris:
With a passion for wings, beer and ceasers you will often find him at the Pig & Duke. He helps us promote the magazine and plan our quarterly art show events.